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If you’re looking at carpet to cover your floors with, it’s likely you have a particular set of reasons for doing so. However, if you are currently undecided, we offer you some ideas on why it might be a good choice for your own home. Hopefully, by the time you’re finished reading, you’ll have a better idea of the benefits of this floor covering.

Old myths die hard. But the fact is, this is one floor covering that has made major changes over the years. What might have been true at one time is probably no longer the issue you think it is. And that’s something else we hope to help you with.

At Joe’s Floor Shop, we want to make sure you are completely satisfied with your choice of floor covering. In fact, we will delve deep to make sure your needs are met. We are happy to serve the areas of Garland, Plano, Frisco, Rockwall, and Wylie, with a showroom located in Garland, Texas. We’d love for you to stop by, see our line of flooring and speak to a flooring professional about any questions you have.

Is carpet the better choice?

In reality, it really comes down to whether you want carpet or a hard flooring. The softness is often preferred by many homeowners for various reasons. The soft underfoot feel, the warmth and coziness it can create, and the fact that it’s a perfect flooring for homes with children and elderly persons.

The ability to absorb sound is another reason many people prefer this material. In fact, it can nearly eliminate many of the day to day sounds that fill some households. This is a great choice for multi-story homes as well, cutting down on the noise that can be associated with it.
Carpet in Plano TX from Joe's Floor Shop
For both older and younger members of the family, carpet makes a great flooring. Slips and falls often occur in this situation, and this is a material that makes it much safer when they do.

If you tend to worry about whether or not carpet holds onto allergens, and causes allergy sufferers more problems, you’re worries can be put at ease. These days, fibers are manufactured with hypoallergenic properties that won’t allow allergens to turn into a problem.

It’s the same situation with stains, as stain protection is also now manufactured right into the fibers. While some stains are simply impossible to fend off, you won’t have to worry nearly as much about the ones that are most prone to happen.

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